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On December 20th, we went to see the musical “Grease”, performed by the students of I. E. S. Miguel Espinosa at the Auditorium of Cabezo de Torres. We liked it a lot. Here are some comments on what we saw and experienced.

Here the students are dancing at the rythm of one of the songs. They danced so well!

This is at the end of the musical, when Sandy changes her look and surprises Danny.

Before the musical started. We were looking foward to seeing it.

“The best scene for me is when they kiss each other on the beach” (Dolores).

“The best scene for us is when Sandy changes her look to fit into the group and Danny sees her” (Rosa and Carmen).

“The best part for me is when they are repairing the car and sing the song Greased Lightning·” (Isabel).

“The best part for me is when the teachers played in the band” (Juan Ramón).

“My favourite female character is Marty because she is beautiful and fun” (Dolores).

“My favourite male character is Kenickie because I like the way he combs his hair” (Rosa).

“My favourite character is Sandy because she is nice and pretty” (Isabel).
“My favourite character is Sandy because she is romantic” (Carmen).

“My favourite male character is Putzie because he is funny” (Dolores).

“My favourite character is Cha Cha because she sings very well” (Juan Ramón).

“The song I like the most is Hopelessly devoted to you” (Isabel).

“Our favourite song in the musical is You’re the one I want (Dolores, Rosa, Juan Ramón and Carmen).

“I liked the film because the characters are young and they have a lot of fun” (Dolores).

“We liked the musical because they danced and acted very well, and it was very real” (Carmen and Juan Ramón).

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